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Lifting Equipment - Chain Hoists

Lifting Equipment and Height Safety Equipment

Selby Engineering and Lifting Safety are a supplier of all major quality brands of lifting and height safety equipment. We are a UK based company, providing high quality lifting and height safety supplies without the high quality price tag to companies all across the world.

All of the equipment which Selby Engineering supply and stock, be it lifting equipment or height safety equipment are high quality goods from some of the most reputable manufacturers such as Yale (hoisting and materials handling gear), Camlok (lifting, pulling clamps and beam clamps) and Sperian (height safety/fall protection), for example.

Selby Engineering supply comprehensive technical specifications for all height safety and lifting equipment product which they stock/supply online via their website online catalogue at All the lifting and height safety gear throughout the online shop/catalogue can be quoted quickly and simply by using the 'quote basket' button (on every product) and the majority of items are available to buy online. Using the quote basket on liftingsafety means that you can add any lifting or height safety item from the website into one basket; when you have finished adding items simply click the checkout button and input your email address, this will then complete the quotation request. Our sales team will then administer your request offering the best possible price and lead time. To receive a quote via this system you will not be asked to create an account, you will only be required to give your email address; This is for the purpose of making the online quotations system as simple and quick as possible.

If you would like a quote for lifting equipment or height safety equipment please visit today and see the extensive range of equipment available from SELS. If you need assistance at any point during your visit, please feel free to get in contact and one of our tell will be glad to assist you.

Quick Quotations

All quotations sent via will receive a discount where possible, (discounted in most cases). We will re-evaluate our web price (amount of discount) on every request to quote we receive based on it's own merits; if you need multiple items or your order is potentially high value we may well be able to improve our price (Even if the item already has discounts applied (sale price)) IE; we will give our best price in the hope that we will be awarded with your order. The reason for giving discounts without being asked to is because we are looking to establish long term business relationships with our customers, this is achieved by honesty, integrity and in our opinion a sense of 'Being Fair'; after all everyone likes to save money! We believe in quoting a good and fair price 'first time' for all the equipment and products we sell.

Quotation requests sent to liftingsafety using the 'quote basket' button (quick quote system - email address is the only information requested) on the website are usually received, completed and sent back to the requester within the hours, this is of course providing it is received in the office open hours, which are 8am to 5pm Monday-Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Fridays (UK). If you are looking for a quotation and are either unsure of the exact equipment you need and would like some assistance or just simply would like us to build a quotation from a phone call please call our sales office on +44 (0) 1977 684 600 and we would be happy to assist. When we receive your quotation request via lifting safety or when making suggestions over the the telephone / email we may well offer additional items (alternatives) that are more suitable or more competitively priced, these may be items that we have at 'Sale Price' (promotional items). By adopting this policy the net profit for us may be less though through these actions we build trust with our customers, if we are a trusted supplier we are more likely to receive your order and you, the customer are far more likely to become a repeat customer.

Buying Online

Lifting Safety have just recently re-enabled their 'buy online' facility throughout their online shop, this now means a great variety of the lifting equipment / height safety equipment can be bought online which can free up time and resources for you the user, as there is no waiting for a quotation which then may have to be approved before the purchase can take place. Although not every product online is available to buy online, the reason for this is one of two, firstly it could be due to the range of the particular item being too vast or complicated to price online, or secondly the item is not available to buy because of the fluctuation in exchange rates of the Euro and USD as quite a lot of products are imported from countries such as Germany, France, Italy or even America. Generally if the reason for the buy online function to be disabled on a particular product is the later of the two and in most of these cases the item will have a price but it will be marked 'guide price'. The purpose of guide price is to do exactly as is says, to give a budget price/rough indication of how much that particular costs, which can also save a lot of time in getting the correct solution and keeping within your budget.