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From it's modern manufacturing plant in Chester Camlok Lifting clamps uses the latest manufacturing techniques in it's design and production facilities. Computer aided engineering enables designs to be produced quickly and cheaply and then down loaded direct to modern computer controled equipment. Production is controlled by a materials resource planner (MRP) system in conjunction with a simple cost effective 'kan-ban' materials/ components system that synchronises the output's of the various stagesof the manufacturing system. External suppliers of components and raw materials must be accredited to a recognised quality assurance authority. By adopting and implamenting the above techniques and investing in 'state of the art' production equipment Camlok is able to offer high qualiy, low cost products at short delivery times.

Camlok Products

Camlok design and manufacture a complete range of lifting and pulling clamps aswell as a range of high quality beam clamps.

Camlok are also a major manufacturer of C-Hooks, Crane Forks, Lifting Gantries and Jib Cranes.

If you would like to know more about any of the above please either visit or call us on +44 (0) 1977 684 600.